The Kettle Begins to Simmer 2012 (The Imbalanced Atmosphere Chronicles)

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I do believe we can turn things around. We, humanity, have the power though I believe lots of that power has to do with spirit and consciousness rather than money and politics. But that belief is tempered by a huge dose of realism. A true teacher functions best as a catalyst to awaken and facilitate the creative capacities latent in others. It is a stimulating and often hilarious wild ride that reveals what education could be if we removed the stifling straight-jacket it usually operates within.

A dead educational system is one of the foundations of the mess we are in. I think that changing this and bringing real educative experience to our societies is one of the key levers to deep awakening of hearts and minds that would help birth a new world. Changing minds can change the world. The creative directions we need to discover may be forged in the fiery crucible of mutual sharing. There are essential truths that can only be realized and developed in interaction with others.

I want to thank all of you who are investing your hearts and heads in this mutual creative search. Look at what you spend and on what. America must stop purchasing from outsourced industry, from the sick agribusiness and slaughter, stop eating GM food. See how big box stores have changed the laws that prevent small biz from thriving in your communities.

Freedom and Justice, Power and Sin

They will not stop until the consumer stops. Deal with the addiction. Save the planet? The planet does not need saving. Humans are fodder. I disagree. There are lots of us who are awake, but obviously not enough. If there were, things would be different. There are those who are beginning to twitch out of their deep sleep. Maybe if enough of them awaken? Who knows. I like the idea of our feral core. To me this is the essense of what it means to be a human being, as a species.

We are making those changes that individuals can make. But change needs to happen beyond that and instead I see more and more isolation when the opposite is what is needed. But they do have the bucks to push and push and push until they get what they want. This gets me down big time, too. What rips my heart out may not rip yours out, so whatever it takes, right? Some will contribute or act on behalf of old growth, others on behalf of sea turtles or polar bears or against that heartbreaking plastic world in the ocean.

But it all needs doing. I used to be able to support myself kind of as a freelance writer. No more. I love this. Ask any traditional indigenous person.

Think of how peaceful one must be after having stopped such a monster! Good to hear from you again Susan. We need your gentle wisdom and insight. He advances a strong argument that the total impact of all the small groups and individual efforts for a better world may be much more effective in the long run than we realize. Several commenters have expressed varying degrees of discouragement, pessimism, or despair about whether we will be able to restore our world to health.

His book could provide some solid basis for a qualified but realistic optimism. On the question whether it is useful to share our darkest fears and assessments with others, I think it is very healthy. Those seeking to heal the planet must take care of their own and others healing. I am heartened that folks feel free to express the truth of where they are in this process deep ecological concern. Make believe cheeriness is no substitute for emotional honesty. There are dark passages in our journey towards a better life for all.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to awaken everyone, or even a majority.

Only the arousing of a sufficient number of influential persons will be required. We can take comfort from the fact that such awakenings have happened before. To mention only a couple of these phenomena: the feminist movement in the US. The movement that overthrew communism in the Soviet Union.

Alcoholics Anonymous. The end of apartheid in South Africa. We can learn from all of these and others. The growing movement in South America to overturn the ruling oligarchies.

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There is real possibility, historical precedents that give hope. I have defended your words before, but this is just plain silly, R. The healthy immune system kills cancer cells, just like it kills viruses and other threats. Violence plays a role as last resort. Being dogmatic about non-violence is just as unwise as dogmatism in other areas. It would be nice, for a change, to hear less exhortation and more self-disclosure. I think that is a partial truth only. It equally needs each of us to live differently.

Jason R.

Seeking power is a two edged sword, be careful what you wish for. But if you think that is enough, then you are part of the problem. That is exactly where the frontier lies. This, we need to figure out, and do. Thank you for putting it so well!

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Pardon me, but when was being awake enough to get something done? Waking is but the first step. The next is to embody our new understanding. One does not need to run off to a cabin to do that, nah?

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That is part of the dark magic of creating a prison without walls and bars. Unfortunately, none of the movements you extol did anything to change this civilization. They improved things for the inmates. Go to the root, friend! Hello Vera, good to hear from you.

Did you read the previous post on this thread which pointed out that we americans tend to want the whole thing right now, and it better be perfect! Sound familiar? The truth is as far as I can see nobody has the answer to the problems of civilization all wrapped up.

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So if you have that kind of comprehensive plan, please let me know what it is? Why do so many of us seem to be groping around in the dark on this one? Well, this is a really, really BIG problem. So try to be patient with some of us Vera, we may just be too slow witted to grok the obvious that others grasp so easily. Hey, Mike K, merry meet again.

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So, keep searching, and Anon will be glad to provide you with the means to realize your vision. What good to undo our culture without at the same time creating another one to supplant it? European Review of Social Psychology. He spoke about that second start with reporters on Tuesday:. Tara will undergo two types of maintenance: preventive and restorative.

Bring it on!